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A consensus-based organization which coordinates voluntary standards for the physical, electrical and performance characteristics of lamps, ballasts, luminaires and other lighting and electrical ...

Domain: Regulatory; Category: Standards

An auxiliary piece of equipment required to start and to properly control the flow of current to gas discharge light sources such as fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting accessories

An organization that writes standards and tests lighting equipment for performance as well as electrical and fire safety. Canadian provincial laws generally require that all products sold for ...

Domain: Regulatory; Category: Standards

Resistance of the cathode in a Fluorescent lamp. It is measured "cold" before the lamp is turned on (Rc) or "hot" after the lamp is turned on (Rh). The ratio of the hot resistance to the cold ...

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting products

A GE brand name for metal halide lamps designed to operate on HPS ballasts, allowing a user to switch from the yellowish color of HPS to the white color of metal halide without changing ballasts. ...

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting products

An international system used to rate a lamp's ability to render object colors. The higher the CRI (based upon a 0-100 scale) the richer colors generally appear. CRI ratings of various lamps may be ...

Domain: Regulatory; Category: Standards

Cool White is a term loosely used to denote a color temperature of around 4100K. The Cool White (CW) designation is used specifically for T12 and other fluorescent lamps using halophosphors and ...

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting bulbs & tubes Collected Term

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