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A consensus-based organization which coordinates voluntary standards for the physical, electrical and performance characteristics of lamps, ballasts, luminaires and other lighting and electrical ...

Domain: Regulatory; Category: Standards

Lighting design for building interiors that makes of daylight as a way of reducing energy consumption.

Domain: Lights & lighting; Environment; Category: Indoor lighting; Environmental conservation Collected Term

Cool White is a term loosely used to denote a color temperature of around 4100K. The Cool White (CW) designation is used specifically for T12 and other fluorescent lamps using halophosphors and ...

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting bulbs & tubes Collected Term

A bi-pin is any base with two metal pins for electrical contact. This is the typical base for a fluorescent tube of 1 to 4 feet in length. It consists of 2 prong contacts which connect into the ...

Domain: Electrical equipment; Category: Power cables Collected Term

A measure of the distortion caused by ballasts and other inductive loads of the input current on alternating current (AC) power systems caused by higher order harmonics of the fundamental frequency ...

Domain: Regulatory; Category: Standards

An auxiliary piece of equipment required to start and to properly control the flow of current to gas discharge light sources such as fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting accessories

A GE brand name for metal halide lamps designed to operate on HPS ballasts, allowing a user to switch from the yellowish color of HPS to the white color of metal halide without changing ballasts. ...

Domain: Lights & lighting; Category: Lighting products

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