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A random collection of anything related with architecture.

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A software design practice that builds application interfaces with icons and objects to look like something from the real world. Examples include a books app icon looking like a wooden bookshelf, the ...

Domain: Software; Category: Software development Collected Term

Logo-tecture is a term used to describe architecture that is instantly recognizable and identical, regardless of context, to a particular architect or designer. Like good branding, logo-tecture ...

Domain: Architecture; People; Category: ; Designers Collected Term

Homogeneous is a uniform in structure throughout or composed of parts that are all of the same nature or kind.

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology Collected Term

Game transfer phenomena is a range of cognitive quirks that can follow extended computer gaming sessions. It suggests that players often hear game sounds such as explosions, screams and laser fire, ...

Domain: Psychology; Category: General psychology Collected Term

One who prates much in his own favor, and makes unwarrantable pretensions; a quack; an impostor; an empiric; a mountebank.

Domain: Language; Category: Dictionaries Collected Term

burn the midnight oil is an idiom to describe staying up late due to work, especially studying, late at night. Burn the midnight oil alludes to working by the light of an oil lamp late in the night.

Domain: Language; Category: Idioms Collected Term

The act of breaking ground is when a construction project starts digging the foundations for a building.

Domain: Construction; Category: Architecture Collected Term

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